The unit was due for commissioning in March 2002. Commissioning has now been put back to October 2002.

NHPC initially said that the project had been delayed because contractors had failed to close the third and fourth diversion tunnels to make the dry area available for the stilling basin. Now it has emerged that the old town of Tehri has refused to vacate the area: a stance that has caught the attention of the local Uttaranchal government.

Meanwhile NHPC is looking into the possible development of further hydro projects with a total capacity of some 25,641MW. Initial surveys and investigations have begun into projects at: Krishnaganga (330MW; Uri 2 (280MW), Bursar (1020MW), Sewa 2 (1000MW), Pakal Dul (1000MW), Nimmo Bazgo (30MW); Chutak (18MW) – all in Jammu and Kashmir; Teesta Low Dam stage 3 and 4 (132MW and 168MW) in West Bengal; Purilia pumped storage (900MW, West Bengal) Chamera 3 (231MW, Himachal Pradesh), Subansiri lower, middle and upper (7300MW, Himachal Pradesh); and Siang lower middle and upper (13,400MW, Arunchal Pradesh).

NHPC said it had already undertaken five projects with a total of 1570MW, and that it was to enter a joint venture with the Madya Pradesh government for the execution of Indira Sagar (1000MW) and Omkareshwar (520MW).
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