Telvent will supply and install a control system for four electric generating units with a total rating of 420MW that supply the States of Tabasco, Chiapas and Campeche. The Company will also provide its Hycos (Hydraulic Control Open System) technology which will manage the generation of hydroelectric energy at the plant.

The development of this system is based on Telvent’s technological platform for real-time information management and control (OASyS DNA) and its technological solution (PLC Saitel 2000 DP) designed to ensure greater availability and efficiency for professionals that operate with this technology.

According to Telvent’s chairman and chief executive, Manuel Sánchez Ortega, Telvent’s upgrading of the Peñitas Power Plant data acquisition and control system will ‘ensure uninterrupted operation of the facilities, safety of the plant personnel, and continuity of electric energy generation’.

The Peñitas plant is part of the river Grijalva complex, where four dams have been constructed: Belisario Dominguez (La Angostura); Manuel Moreno Torres (Chicoasen); Nezahualcoyotl (Malpaso); and Angel Albino Corzo (Peñitas). The electricity generated in Chiapas represents about one half of the hydroelectric energy produced in Mexico.