Turgo impulse turbines have been supplied to Thailand for two hydro projects, reports Gilbert, Gilkes and Gordon of the UK. Gilkes has supplied the machines as turbine subcontractors to Peebles Electric Machines of Edinburgh, and they will be fitted with Woodward governors.

The turbines will be used at the Nam Man and Nam San projects in Northern Thailand, which were both designed and managed by the UK’s Balfour Beatty Projects & Engineering for the Provincial Authority of Thailand. The Nam Man station has one 5MW twin jet turgo impulse generating set, operating on a net head of 119m, while the Nam San station has two 3MW twin jet turgo impulse generating sets operating on a net head of 85m.

During flood conditions the water supply for these two projects contains many abrasive particles, and Francis turbines installed in the region have previously shown poor performance because of wear. To counter this, Gilkes reports that the turgo turbines are fitted with 13% chrome and 4% nickel cast steel runners mounted directly onto extended generator shafts. The bearing lubricating oil is cooled by an integral heat exchanger that forms part of the turbine case.