Continental Hydro Corporation of Boston, US, has informed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that the com-pany has begun manufacturing generating turbine equipment for use at Tiber dam in Montana.

The contract for fabrication of the equipment was signed on 23 May 2001. If no evidence of construction had begun by the 1 June deadline, the permit for development of hydroelectric power at the dam would have lapsed on that date.

The proposed single 7.5MW turbine is to be located just upstream of the existing flow jet valve on the intake adjacent to the spillway. Delivery of the generator to the site is expected in 44 weeks. The equipment is expected to be ready to generate in a total of 48 weeks.

From the contract date, the anticipated 48 weeks puts completion at the end of April 2002. At this time, the turbine will be tested at five flow rates ranging from 8.5-17m3/sec and a maximum flow rate, according to the head available at the time.