Tirupati Graphite plc, the specialist graphite producer and graphene developer with operations in Madagascar and India, is redeveloping hydropower facilities at its Sahamamy operations, and is initiating further studies for hydropower across the Sahamamy and Vatominaas operations, both in Madagascar, as part of its sustainable mining strategy targeting low emissions and waste generation. 

The company is hoping to meet 100% of the power requirements for the Madagascan projects from hydropower. It is developing an initial 100kW hydropower facility at Sahamamy resulting in an estimated ongoing saving of 10% in the operating cost per tonne of output and a 50% reduction in carbon emissions.

It is also accelerating further studies and detailed planning on the back of earlier prefeasibility studies for an additional 900kW of hydropower capacity – which will provide 100% renewable power generation for the next two production modules.