Tocardo signed the agreement as a member of the ‘Orange goes green’ platform of seven Dutch companies specializing in renewable energy and other ‘green’ technology. The platform’s goal is to sell their members’ technology into North America. The agreement with the Dutch government also includes promoting the exchange of knowledge between Dutch and North American public, private and scientific institutions.

“There are good opportunities for Dutch providers of green technology in the US and Canada as they are among the world’s largest investors in renewable energy,” said Hans van Breugel, CEO. Signed this week, the agreement is the first under the Partners for International Business (PIB) program launched by the Dutch government last year to promote new public-private partnerships.

The ‘Orange goes green’ platform includes Tocardo, Rabobank, Deerns, Ecofys, Priva, IF technology, Aqualiner. Dutch-American company, Real NewEnergy, a sustainable energy specialist, supports the initiative through its US subsidiaries. The Netherlands’ Consulate general in San Francisco is the Dutch government’s primary partner in the project.