Residents in the town of Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire, have returned to their homes following their evacuation in the wake of damage to the dam that holds back Toddbrook Reservoir.

The Canal and River Trust, operator of the dam, said that the reservoir has been emptied to a safe level and plans are in place to keep it safe. They will now start the work to plan how to repair and restore the dam.

In a statement it said that it has been continuing to work on the dam today to monitor water levels and set up the site to enable the damaged sections to be inspected in greater detail. It also has fisheries experts onsite who have begun the process of removing the fish that remain in the water and rehoming them in other waterways.

Damage at the dam came to light late last week following intense heavy rain in the area. It has been suggested from photographs of the damage that the situation at the dam is similar to the Oroville dam incident in February 2017 which saw the project's auxiliary spillway damaged.