The delivery is part of a project to provide approximately 500MW of additional dependable capacity to the Revelstoke Generating Station through the installation of a new turbine. This will bring the facility’s overall capacity to 2480MW.

Now that all of the main components have been delivered, project contractors will complete the assembly of the generating unit, transformers and other electrical equipment. Once the assembly is complete, BC Hydro will start a test phase of the generating unit and related equipment.”

The three transformers, each weighing 108 tonnes, were manufactured in Varrenes, Quebec and transported by train to Revelstoke. A 143ft suspension trailer was used to transport the transformers down Westside Road to the Revelstoke Generating Station. Once in place, the transformers will transfer the additional energy supplied by the fifth generating unit currently being installed.

The target in-service date for the project is October, 2010.