The first DIVE-Turbine with hybrid technology has been placed into test operation at the Mazères hydropower plant in the Ariège region of France. The new DIVE-Turbine was installed to replace an existing turbine that had been removed during modernization, and entered operation in February 2018.

Developed by DIVE Turbinen GmbH & Co. KG and its partner SAS 2EI Industries: the turbine comes with hybrid technology as a combination of double and single regulated DIVE-Turbine.

At full load – approximately 75 up to 100% of power – the inverters are disconnected from the speed regulation. The generated energy is directly fed into the grid without inverter losses.

At part load – less than 75% of power – the inverters are reconnected to adjust the runner speed to the amount of water and reach high efficiencies also in part load.

The DIVE-Turbine at power plant Mazères is a DIVE1800-400 with 1800mm runner diameter and 400kW installed capacity. It has been developed as a fish friendly turbine with a fine rake with openings for downstream migration.