Following its acquisition by Pell Frischmann in 1998, EPD Consultants of the UK has continued to play an active role in the hydro power industry. Recent accomplishments include securing an assignment to oversee the rehabilitation of hydromechanical and electrical plant at four stations in Albania. Built originally with Chinese and Russian equipment, the plants have a total capacity of 800MW. Work carried on with little interruption during the recent Kosovo crisis, and is expected to continue for the new few years.

Other areas where EPD Consultants is focusing on include Kenya where it has been selected to engineer and supervise remedial work at the 90MW Kamburu and 210MW Gitaru stations. The company has also been asked to provide three senior engineers, to serve on an international committee of specialists convened in India, to make a techno-economic appraisal of proposals to build a 5000MW tidal barrage across the Gulf of Khambhat. Problems under consideration include the difficulties of building a barrage in the fast flowing tidal waters of the Gulf, as well as the problem of absorbing this cyclic generation in the power grid of Western India.