Ukrhydroenergo’s team of experts completed a technical mission in cooperation with the Netherlands Water Platform to enhance water resource management in Ukraine. The Netherlands, with its extensive experience in flood control and water management, provided valuable insights and support.

Key figures at the high-level meeting included Valentyn Hvozdiy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ukrhydroenergo, Oleh Pashchenko, Director of Kakhovka HPP, and representatives from Ukrhydroenergo’s project and technical departments. They were joined by Wampie Libon, Director of the Inclusive Green Growth Department at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oleksandr Karasevych, Ambassador of Ukraine to the Netherlands, and representatives from the Netherlands’ Water Management Agency and Ministry of Infrastructure and Water.

The Netherlands pledged to assist not only in restoring the Kakhovka hydroelectric scheme but also in developing a master plan for the water infrastructure of the Kakhovka Reservoir to support sustainable development in southern Ukraine.

Valentyn Hvozdiy emphasized the importance of this cooperation: “The destruction of Kakhovka HPP is a serious problem that affects the energy situation in our country, as well as the environment and water supply for agriculture and industry. Restoration of this energy facility will be crucial after the de-occupation of the region. In this context, it is important to study European experience and use advanced technologies to rebuild the power plant. We look forward to fruitful cooperation with our partners in the Netherlands to speed up the restoration process and to ensure the sustainable development of the region. This visit can be considered as a starting point for high-level negotiations between the Netherlands and Ukraine regarding the restoration of energy infrastructure, opening up new prospects for bilateral cooperation.”

This mission facilitated the exchange of knowledge in hydropower and water management, focusing on the latest technologies for project preparation, design, implementation, and control. Ukrhydroenergo experts aimed to learn about European practices for evaluating, approving, and financing large hydrotechnical projects.

During the visit, the Ukrainian team explored the strategic planning and risk management methods used by the Water Management Agency. They examined the economic, technical, and financial aspects of dam construction and maintenance.

The delegation visited the Afsluitdijk, the Netherlands’ longest and oldest dam, to observe its reconstruction process. The project, costing over EUR 1.2 billion, involves raising the dam by 2 meters, constructing new structures, and implementing fish passages. This decision followed extensive mathematical modeling and field studies to minimize environmental impact.

Additionally, the team visited the Deltares Research Institute’s laboratory, where they learned about research and modeling for water management projects in the Netherlands and other countries in Africa and Asia.

This visit marks the beginning of a collaborative effort to improve Ukraine’s water infrastructure and foster sustainable development.