A portable-power, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for underwater inspections and projects is available from US-based VideoRay. According to the company, by using VideoRay Pro, inspectors can observe dams and pipelines without the expense and hazard of diving.

Using a control box and joystick, the operator can guide the tethered unit to depths up to 152m. A monitor attached to the control box allows the user to see what VideoRay sees through its video eye. Text or graphical video overlay (Genlock) of compass, depth, and date/time are available on the unit. For stability and study, the auto-depth feature lets VideoRay Pro stay at the desired operating depth. This lets the user focus on objects underwater instead of on operation of VideoRay Pro. Because of its small size, VideoRay Pro can be easily deployed into enclosed structures, says the company. Manipulators are also offered in multiple jaw shapes and sizes and can be mounted to the VideoRay sub or transporters.