Uniper and Deutsche Bahn have finalized a five-year power purchase agreement that will see Uniper providing Deutsche Bahn with hydropower from power plants in Sweden, totaling approximately 88 GWh annually starting from 2028.

This collaboration builds upon the longstanding partnership between Uniper and Deutsche Bahn in ensuring reliable and sustainable power supplies. Notably, Uniper has been supplying Deutsche Bahn with hydropower from the Walchensee for a century. Beyond hydropower, the partnership extends to various other products and solutions, including a recent power purchase agreement (PPA) signed in March 2024.

Under the new PPA. Uniper will begin supplying this power from four run-of-river hydropower plants (Borgforsen, Bodum, Fjällsjö, Sil) at Fjällsjöälven in four years.

“Demand for green power is rising,” commented Carsten Poppinga, Uniper's Chief Commercial Officer. “As a result of the energy transition, we are not only decarbonizing our own power generation, but are also making more green power available to our customers today, so that they can meet their own climate targets. 

“Renewable energy – such as the Group’s own hydropower – is one of the most important components of the energy transition. We are delighted that our PPA is helping to accelerate the decarbonization of Deutsche Bahn, because it is only by working together that we can effectively achieve the energy transition.”

Borgforsen Hydropower Station is located on the Fjällsjö River in Sweden