Hydro power developments have been taking place in Vietnam recently. Refurbish-ment of the French-built Bai Thoung dam in northern Thanh Hoa province state has started, according to Vietnam News. The project will cost 300B dong and will facilitate the irrigation of 40,000ha of agricultural land.

Meanwhile, the government has authorised the construction of the Ha Ayun hydroelectric power plant in Gia Lai province. The 3000kW plant is scheduled for completion at the end of 1999. The government’s Pricing Committee will be responsible for setting the price of electricity generated by the plant.

•Authorities in Ninh Thuan province in the southern part of the country are investing US$615,000 for the construction of a 13m high dam and associated reservoir in My Thuong village. The 834,000m3 reservoir will irrigate 200ha of farmland.

•The Science, Technology and Environment Department in the central province of Khanh Hoa has recently constructed 55 micro hydroelectric power stations to supply power to ethnic minorities. Another 12 such plants are under construction.

•Vietnam is also to supply 200,000kWh of electricity a month to four border provinces in Laos from the 90MW Rao Quan hydro power plant which will soon become operational.

•Finally, the government has called on the Electricity Survey and Design Company No 1 to speed up its feasibility study related to the proposed Son La hydro power plant. The study is needed so that it can be submitted for approval later this year.