The New England Power Company of the US has agreed with seventeen parties, including government agencies and conservation groups, on the relicensing of its 369MW Fifteen Miles hydropower project on the Connecticut River.

The agreement governs the conditions for relicensing the hydro project for a new 40-year term, and is designed to balance the conflicting demands for power generation, environmental protection and recreational uses of the river.

According to the agreement the owner of the project, New England Power, undertakes to install measures to enhance recreation, fisheries and water management in exchange for the support of 17 parties at the relicensing hearings for the dam to be conducted by FERC.

New England Power agreed in August last year to sell the Fifteen Mile Falls facility to the US Generation Company inc as part of its strategy to divest itself from its generating assets. US Generation agreed to be bound by the terms of its settlement. The facility generates 580 000MWh of electricity annually.