The US Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a contract valued at almost  $44.6 million to California firm Malcolm International LLC for construction services at Bull Lake Dam in Wyoming, with the company to address deficiencies in the existing spillway and provide for the continued safety and functionality of the dam.

Construction activities, which are expected to take three years, will include the construction of a temporary access road for construction traffic, construction of cofferdams, construction of a new concrete spillway structure, removal of the existing spillway, and replacing the existing spillway with a section of earthen dam embankment.

Bull Lake Dam is located in the Wind River Indian Reservation in central Wyoming. It is on Bull Lake Creek, a tributary of the Wind River. Bull Lake Dam was constructed from 1936-1938, is owned by Reclamation, and is operated and maintained by Midvale Irrigation District. Water stored in Bull Lake provides a supplemental irrigation water supply to approximately 70,000 acres served by Midvale Irrigation District.