‘We have established this partnership to encourage a spirit of cooperation between our agencies at all levels,’ Steve Williams, director of the Fish & Wildlife Service. ‘We are committed to working together to find solutions to our nation’s problems with water and fish and wildlife resources.’

‘We intend to build sustainability into the planning, construction and operation of our water resources projects, and it is critical that we adapt our management of rivers to meet the needs of the human and natural communities,’ said Lt. Gen. Robert B Flowers, USACE’s chief of engineers. ‘The Fish & Wildlife Service has a great deal of expertise to help us make that possible.’

The two agencies also agreed to provide joint training and interagency developmental assignments. In addition, USACE may provide planning, design and construction services as well as environmental restoration services, and other engineering or technical assistance. The Fish & Wildlife Service may provide environmental management, fish and wildlife resource management and such other services for both civil works projects and military installations.

‘We have long recognized that fish and wildlife conservation requires equal consideration with our purposes in the development and management of our water resources projects,’ Lt Gen Flowers said. ‘By working together, we can preserve and protect our rich natural heritage.’