Toshiba America Energy Systems is to carry out a major overhaul of equipment at the US Bureau of Reclamation’s (USBR) Wayne N. Aspinall Unit in a US$17.8 million contract.

The Colorado-based firm will overhaul two generators, install new stator cores and frames, and improve oil and air-cooling systems for the Unit. Additional work will include new digital excitation systems for Blue Mesa, Morrow Point and Crystal power plants.

Work performed under this contract will replace and update existing equipment to allow generation at full rated capacity and improve responsiveness to the dynamic demands of the electrical grid.

Each of the Wayne N. Aspinall Unit’s power plants and dams are used to generate hydroelectric power and control water flow in the Gunnison River. It has a combined generating capacity of 291MW..

Blue Mesa, Morrow Point and Crystal power plant and dams are part of the Wayne N. Aspinall Unit of the Colorado River Storage Project, which retains the waters of the Colorado River and its tributaries for agricultural and municipal use.

The project furnishes the long-term regulatory storage needed to permit States in the upper basin to meet their flow obligation at Lees Ferry, Arizona, as defined in the Colorado River Compact and still use their apportioned water.