The Can$50M (US$49.9M) contract will supply units to six run-of-river plants bundled in two groups – Kwalsa and Upper Stave in the Harrison Lake region – to match two power supply contracts with BC Hydro.

A total of eight Pelton turbines – each with six jets and rated 13MW – will be supplied for the Kwalsa group, plus inlet valves, generators and digital speed governors.

For the Upper Stave group, two Pelton units (five jets) rated at 15MW each and four horizontal Francis units (three of 12MW each, one of 5MW) are planned. The units will also be supplied with inlet vales, generator and governors.

The Kwalsa group of plants includes the Fire Creek, Douglas Creek, Tipella Creek and Stokke Creek projects. The Upper Stave groups consists of two plants – Lamont Creek and Stave River.

va-tech Hydro Canada is a subsidiary of andritz va-tech-hydro, which opened a new office in greater Vancouver recently due to the level of hydro power development in the province.