The order was placed by Salzburg AG in Austria, a utility company focusing on renewable energy.

The scope of supply of the project includes model testing as well as the design, manufacturing, transportation, installation and commissioning of a hydroelectric package consisting of a reversible vertical Francis pump turbine with an output of 5MW and a head of 518m; inlet valve; downstream butterfly valve; motor-generator; switchyard including start up facilities and all secondary equipment related to this new generating set.

Originally the underground power house of Hintermuhr was designed to be equipped with two horizontal Pelton units; however, only one unit was installed in 1991. The prevailing economic situation of the energy market led Salzburg AG to extend the existing power plant with a pumped storage unit instead of a second horizontal Pelton unit which allows more flexibility in generation and a higher increase of output.

The newly installed pumped storage unit should be commissioned by December 2007.