The 260MW Sihwa plant – the world’s largest tidal power project – is set to consist of a power house for 10 bulb type turbines with direct driven generators including gates and other equipment. The project is expected to cost approximately US$250M.

The plant is designed to be operated in one direction from the sea to the Sihwa Lake, allowing up to 60B tons of seawater to be circulated annually. In doing so the plant will generate power by utilising the head between the high tide and the reservoir level, and at the same time the existing water quality of the Sihwa Lake will be significantly approved.

The Korea Water Resources Corporation, the governmental water authority of South Korea, will act as the project developer/owner. Daewoo, as leader of the Korean joint venture with other civil companies, is the project’s main contractor. VA Tech Hydro will carry out the detailed design for the turbine/generator equipment as technology provider, while at the same time being responsible for supplies and services with respect to the electromechnical portion as sub-contractor of Daewoo. VA Tech Hydro will also supply all the major equipment for the turbines and generators.

The Sihwa Lake tidal power plant is scheduled to be completed by 2009.