Vattenfall has announced plans to construct new hydropower stations with a total capacity of 720MW in four locations across Sweden – the company’s first investment in new hydropower in the country in more than twelve years. 

The potential new hydropower stations could be built starting from 2026 and into the 2030s, with feasibility studies already underway to prepare future planned investment decisions. The aim of these new tations is to meet the increasing demand for fossil-free electricity, which is a prerequisite for achieving climate goals. The hydropower reservoirs are Sweden's green batteries, and by building new flexibility and control capabilities, a greater share of wind and solar power in the electricity system is also made possible.

Johan Dasht, head of Vattenfall's Nordic hydropower, said: "It is really gratifying to be able to tell you that we are planning for new hydropower in Sweden and if these projects are decided, it means a significant addition of power when we need it most."

The four locations for the potential hydropower stations are in Lake Storjuktan adjacent to Umeälven, Västerbotten, Lule river in Porju's power station and Harsprånget's power station, and Lule river in the Messaure power station. Final investment decisions have not yet been made and are subject to positive results in the feasibility studies.