Voith Hydro has announced it has shipped three stators and three distributors from its Hannibal, Ohio plant to the Smithland hydroelectric project in Kentucky.

Voith has previously shipped stators and distributors – which are major components of the generators that will be used to provide power – to the Cannelton and Meldahl projects in Kentucky and Willow Island in West Virginia. Smithland is the last of the four Ohio River plants to receive this shipment. Taken together, AMP’s Ohio River projects represent the largest new US hydro development undertaken in recent years.

"The shipment of stators and distributors to the Smithland Hydroelectric Project is another exciting development in a project that will soon bring thousands of households and businesses clean and affordable hydroelectric power," said Voith Hydro President and CEO Kevin Frank. "Voith Hydro is proud to continue to play a manufacturing role in providing the sustainable energy that spurs economic development and supports jobs in communities across the US."

The stators and distributors were manufactured by Voith Hydro at the facility it opened in Hannibal, Ohio (the distributors were manufactured at Voith Hydro’s facility in York, PA with final assembly in Hannibal). The stator is a key component of the generator and typically one of the larger components of the power unit of a hydroelectric project. The stators for Smithland are 9.18m in diameter and weigh 165 metric tons.

AMP’s hydroelectric projects – which are taking place on existing locks and dams on the Ohio River – will add more than 300MW of new, renewable generation. The Smithland project will provide 72MW of power to AMP’s participating members once operational.