The delivery scope covers two 3.5MW turbines, the associated control systems, the transmissions for speed control, as well as the synchronous generators. With a runner diameter of 5.1m, the three-blade Kaplan bulb turbines in pit design are the largest such units in Europe.

Situated some 40km north of the Czech capital Prague, Štětí hydropower station on the river Labe (Elbe) is being set up at an existing weir on the right river bank. Commissioning is scheduled for July 2014. Štětí will feed approximately 30GWh of electricity into the grid every year.

The project is being implemented by the Czech investor Energeia o.p.s.

Voith had previously won a contract to supply two pit turbines to another project in the Czech Republic, the Litomerice station south of the Bohemian Highlands in 2010.