E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH has awarded Voith a contract to modernise one of the generators at the Waldeck 2 pumped storage power plant in North Hesse, Germany.

Under the terms of the deal, valued at approximately EUR 9 million Voith will replace, assemble and commission the stator and rotor of machine 6 at the plant, increasing the efficiency of the unit by around 10%. The contract also includes an option for the modernization of a further machine unit for around EUR 5 million.

Each of the two generators at the Waldeck 2 has a capacity of 265 MVA. A notable challenge in terms of modernization is presented by the vertical placement of the classical pump-turbine unit: The turbine sits vertically above the motor-generator; and a multi-stage pump is installed underneath. In order to replace the generator, the original turbine, which Voith supplied at the time of construction of the power plant in 1970, will first have to be disassembled.