Voith is to modernize equipment at the Mucomir small hydroelectric power station in Scotland after winning a contract from operator SSE.

Under the terms of the deal, Voith will oversee the building, installation and commissioning of the power stations turbine, replacement of the digital governors and hydraulic units, as well as refirbishment of the generator. The construction works are set to be completed by the autumn of 2017.

“The modernization work will be done during a shutdown. In respect of the fabrication and installation of the components, the tight schedule is challenging. However, thanks to our experience and close collaboration with the plant operator SSE, we will be able to successfully complete the project within the scheduled time period,” explained Carsten Fleck, Project Manager at Voith Hydro Germany.

After the upgrade, the Mucomir small hydroelectric power station will satisfy stringent environmental standards, with the new turbine runner specially designed to reduce adverse effects on fish and makes it easier for them to pass through it. SSE is working with local fishery interests and recognizes how important Mucomir operations are to the sustainability of the migratory fish in the local catchment area.

“We are delighted to be working with Voith as our partner on this important project. The modernization will help ensure the economic viability of the power plant while taking account of ecological aspects and using the most effective technological solution,” commented Peter Diver, SSE’s Hydro Asset Manager.

The Mucomir small hydroelectric power station, which has been in operation since 1962, is part of the Great Glen Hydro Group and one of around 70 SSE hydropower plants in Scotland.