Voith is to supply equipment to two hydropower plants in the Himalyas in contracts valued at more than EUR 23 million.

Voith Hydro India is to supply the complete electromechanical equipment for three generating units at the Rasuwaghadi plant in Nepal and will modernise six turbine runners at the Salal project in India.

The Rasuwaghadi order includes a complete water-to-wire solution including three 37MW vertical Francis turbines, generators, automation systems and balance-of-plant equipment. The project, located in the North of Nepal, is being developed by the Rasuwaghadi Hydropower Company, a subsidiary of state-owned Nepal Electricity Authority.

At the Salal plant, located on the river Chenab in Northern India, Voith will carry out the supply and service works for installation of six new runners. The refurbishment of the runners, originally installed between 1987 and 1995, became necessary due to erosion damages that have been caused by the silt prone waters of the Himalayan rivers. The six runners will be manufactured at Voith Hydro’s workshop in Vadodara, India, and be delivered gradually to reconnect the units to the grid step by step.