The project was officially inaugurated at the end of April in a ceremony attended by Silke Lautenschlaeger, Environmental Secretary of Germany┬┤s Federal State of Hesse.

E.on Wasserkraft GmbH invested approximately EUR 52M into Waldeck I to realize a new state-of-the-art station and to carry out rehabilitation of the existing plant which was built in the 1930s.

Voith Hydro, together with the consortium partner for civil construction, Bilfinger Berger, developed the overall technical concept for Waldeck I power plant. As the design of pumped power plants has changed quite significantly since the 1930s and the requirements for their operation have been rising continually, a new pumped storage station with an output of 74MW has been built.

The upper reservoir has been refurbished and two turbines of the old Waldeck I plant have been modernized. These two units will remain in place to provide tertiary control.