The King Island UniWave200 Wave Energy Converter developed by Wave Swell Energy Ltd has won the Sir William Hudson Award at the 2022 Engineers Australia Excellence Awards.

The King Island UniWave200 Wave Energy Converter Project is a proprietary technology that demonstrates conversion of the energy in ocean waves into clean and emissions free electricity.

The significance of the UniWave 200 lies in its ability to scale up or down depending on the energy needs of the local community but also to provide coastal erosion protection. These factors (rural/remote electrification and erosion prevention) are vital when considering a region such as the South Pacific where many islands struggle with a lack of access to renewable (or indeed any) energy sources and grapple with the impacts of climate change and consequent rising sea levels.

“The Engineers Australia Excellence Awards recognise outstanding engineers who show innovation and resourcefulness in their work and the state’s top engineering projects and the teams behind them,” said Engineers Australia National President and Board Chair Dr Nick Fleming. “Our winners and finalists have this in common; an outstanding capacity to lead by example and work for the good of the community and the planet.”

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