The Canadian Hydropower Association (CHA) has spoken out to show hydro power can play a role in helping Canada meet its international commitments to reducing greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming.

CHA claims that unlike other renewable technologies, such as solar and wind power which are still relatively expensive and cannot provide large amounts of electricity, hydro power is competitively priced and can meet increasing electricity demand. Hydro also produces very few greenhouse gases – around 60 times less than coal fired power plants and 18 times less than natural gas powered plants.

CHA says that exporting hydro to the US will also reduce emissions by displacing electricity that would have been generated using fossil fuels. According to the association, three of the largest producers of hydro in the Canada – Hydro-Quebec, Manitoba Hydro and BC Hydro – have contributed to reducing emissions by millions of tons over the past 20 years.

CHA believes that Canada offers many opportunities for new hydro power projects and that the continued and increased use of hydro power can help everyone to meet the Kyoto objectives.