Image courtesy of Webuild

NEOM has awarded Webuild a US$4.7 billion contract for an innovative infrastructure project set amid the mountains of Saudi Arabia. Positioned as a future destination in the desert, the Trojena mountain project encompasses the construction of dams, the creation of a freshwater lake for a ski resort, and the implementation of iconic architectural elements.

Webuild's scope of work includes the construction of three dams to create a 2.8-kilometer-long freshwater lake, forming the centerpiece of the Trojena ski resort. The dams will be made of roller compacted concrete (RCC) and rock, with the main dam reaching 145m in height, 475m in length, and holding a volume of approximately 2.7 million m3. The artificial lake, covering an area of 1.5km2, will boast an island reserved for botanical dives and walks.

Additionally, the company will embark on the creation of 'The Bow' – an architectural structure that will extend the surface of the lake beyond the front of the main dam. It will be shaped like the prow of a ship suspended over the valley, and will house a luxury hotel, as well as a residential area and a large central atrium, with accommodation and hospitality facilities. The entire project is designed to accommodate the 2029 Asian Winter Games and aligns with the Saudi Vision 2030 program for economic diversification.

Pietro Salini, CEO of Webuild, expressed delight at being awarded the project, emphasizing the 2.8-kilometer-long freshwater lake's importance in the Trojena masterplan. Salini stated, "The project is set to be an international engineering and construction marvel, and we believe our team has the global experience and expertise to deliver this exciting infrastructure project."

“The appointment of Webuild S.P.A is a significant milestone in our construction progress,” commented Philip Gullett, Executive Director – Region Head at Trojena. “We have already completed around three million cubic meters of excavation at the lake site, and we continue to excavate 90,000 cubic meters of rock per week.  Importantly are implementing a sustainable approach by using all the rock excavated and reusing it for the lakebed lining and dam construction. This is crucial stage of the project’s overall development, and we are excited to see works get underway.”