Historically, dams and accompanying locks were sited on many of the large rivers in the US in order to provide enough water depth to facilitate regular navigation for freight barges and other water craft. Many additional dams without electrical generation were built for other historical reasons, such as mill power and flood control. With recent high energy prices and government incentives, the installation of hydro power generation at these facilities has become economically attractive. This ‘how to’ workshop will cover the challenging hurdles in existing dam power generation from economic modelling to addressing governmental navigational and environmental concerns, says Alden.

“The processes that our clients go through to license a project is complicated,” said Alden President, Stuart Cain. “We’re pleased to be able to collaborate with the US Army Corps of Engineers, turbine developers, architectural engineering firms, and other experts in the field to offer this workshop and help to provide guidance.”

For more information about the workshop, and to register, please visit http://www.aldenlab.com/index.cfm/AldenACRES/Retrofitting_Hydropower_at_Existing_Dams or call Johanna Anderson at +1 508 829 6000 x6508.