After six and a half years of construction work, the Xiaolangdi dam project in China has been completed 13 months earlier than scheduled, by a joint venture which included HOCHTIEF. The company has a 36.5% share in the project of around US$300M.

The Xiaolangdi dam is a 154m high rockfill structure with a fill volume of 50M m3. The dam is located near the city of Luoyang and is part of a larger project which was commissioned in 1994 by the Yellow River Water and Hydroelectric Power Development Company and is due to be completed by the end of 2001.

The Xiaolangdi dam project will provide irrigation water for about 2M ha of agricultural land as well as potable water for the local population and service water for industry. The project will also be used to power 6 x 300MW generating units which will produce electricity for over 300M people in the surrounding provinces. The dam will also help to prevent flooding in a highly populated area.