In a landmark development on Global Hydropower Day, the International Hydropower Association (IHA) welcomed Xylem as its 100th member to pledge allegiance to the San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower, marking a significant milestone in the hydropower industry's commitment to sustainability.

Xylem, a prominent global water technology company renowned for its dedication to addressing pressing water and infrastructure challenges through innovative solutions, has made sustainable water management a core priority. Operating in over 150 countries, the company's focus extends to resource management and assisting communities in achieving water security.

Bala H, Vice President Water Infrastructure Product Management and Engineering, at Xylem said: “Xylem is committed to solving critical water and infrastructure challenges with innovation and we have the passion to make a real difference. We are engaged in hydropower because we believe it has a key role to play in accelerating the much-needed development of renewable energy. Small hydropower is showing tremendous potential, as it delivers powerful results quickly and provides enormous benefits to local communities. Together, we can contribute to a more sustainable world.”

Claudia Toussaint, Chief People and Sustainability Officer at Xylem, expressed the company's pride in becoming the 100th IHA member. She stressed Xylem's alignment with the association's values and its commitment to advancing sustainability goals, reducing emissions, and collaborating with customers to fulfill their net-zero and sustainability objectives.

"We believe in the potential of sustainable hydropower and other green technologies to create a more water-secure and resilient world," Toussaint stated. "This is why we support the San José Declaration as a vital step in increasing the global deployment of sustainable hydropower."

Xylem's decision to join the IHA membership reflects the diverse composition of IHA's members, who collectively oversee approximately one-third of the world's hydropower capacity.

The International Hydropower Association, established in 1995, has played a pivotal role in the sector's growth, witnessing its capacity soar from 625GW to around 1350GW today.

Gruner Stucky Ltd, a founding member of IHA, has long been an advocate for sustainable hydropower development. Sergio Camilletti, Head of Business Area, Energy, celebrated the announcement, stating: "IHA has been a beacon of excellence guiding the hydropower industry. Gruner Stucky Ltd is honored to be one of the original founders and celebrates the IHA's growth to over 100 members, especially on the day when our sector comes together to recognize the myriad benefits of sustainable hydropower. Together, we continue to shape and promote a sustainable energy future."

Brendan Quigley, Head of Business Unit, Hydropower & Dams, also from Gruner Stucky Ltd, emphasized the importance of the San José Declaration. He recognized hydropower's crucial role in decarbonizing the energy system, mitigating the impacts of climate change, and its capacity to complement, integrate, and accelerate the growth of other renewable energy sources. “As a founding member of the International Hydropower Association, Gruner Stucky Ltd wholeheartedly commits to the Declaration and its values,” he said.