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18 February 2020
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Multi function tool
Dam owners and operators can use MultiFunction Booms from Pacific Netting Products for a number of operations, including debris and ice control, demarcation, fish guidance, public safety and security

European insights: hydropower, climate change and EU law
Hydropower retains its dominant presence in renewable power generation across Europe, but there is increasing concern about the impact of climate change on the European energy system as a whole. Adaptation and resilience will be key to future hydropower production in the face of more frequent and extreme weather events. Suzanne Pritchard reports

People, places and profit – three advantages of IT/OT convergence
Engineers and academics have been extolling the benefits of IT and OT convergence as far back as the early Eighties, but many businesses are still reluctant to adopt platforms that combine the two. Here, Martyn Williams, managing director of industrial software provider COPA-DATA UK, explains the advantages of IT and OT convergence

Optimising reservoir operations
Filling period performance may impact the acceptability of new dams in large systems. If release rules are allowed to change during system expansion, performance improves but not updating rules during expansion can lead to 25% losses in financial benefits. New research, using the Blue Nile as a case-study, demonstrates how evolving operating rules during multi-reservoir system expansion and planning can increase the ability to identify best performance plans

Powering the water sector using smart technology
This week is National Water Week in Australia, an opportune time to take stock and consider the existing trends and emerging smart technologies within the water, dams and hydropower space. Report by Bob Tilbury, SMEC's Market Director, Water, Dams and Hydropower in ANZ

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