The Board of Directors of Salini Impregilo has approved the proposal of "WeBuild" as the new name for the Salini Impregilo Group, with the change to be proposed at the next Shareholders' Meeting. 

In a statement, the Board said the new name clearly evokes the company's vision, with ‘Build’ representing the large complex infrastructure built by the company, and ‘We’ expressing the fundamental role played by people and teams in the company. In this system, the brands of the Group’s commercial companies, like Salini Impregilo, Lane and Fisia will continue to be the same for their single markets.

This proposal is the result of a long and detailed analyses concerning the brand's value, international benchmarks and consultations with international companies in the brand identity sector, and a survey engaging both internal and external stakeholders, the company said.

“Today, is a very important day for me. We are taking another step forward in this significant industrial operation that brings growth.” said Salini Impregilo Group CEO Pietro Salini. “The future of this new Group is and must increasingly be connected to a clear mission of industrial growth and must be the result of the union and enhancement of the expertise of everyone. This is very important for a Group like ours with a global mission that competes with the largest international groups to build large complex infrastructure in over 50 countries. A Group that wishes to continue to grow by uniting companies, so that their significant skills in the sector are united to all aspects of safety and sustainability. We wish to be the best possible partners for clients, communities, institutions and territories”.