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Handling hydropower
09 December, 2014
A wide range of equipment is used during the construction of hydropower and dam projects. IWP&DC takes a look at some recent product releases, and discovers how they have been used during project build

Q&A with Jesse Fernandes Deason
08 December, 2014
A relatively new member to the hydropower industry, 28-year-old Jesse Fernandes Deason, a regulatory specialist at HDR Inc, has been instrumental in setting up a new group for women in the industry to broaden their networking opportunities. IWP&DC talked to her to discover how she became involved with hydropower and why she thinks the industry needs to value the skills that women can bring

Building new hydro in Canada
08 December, 2014
Canada has a range of large new and refurb hydro projects under construction. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Raising the curtain on Burrendong
08 December, 2014
The world’s first temperature control curtain was recently completed on time and on budget at Burrendong Dam in Australia.

Safety legislation in Northern Ireland
13 November, 2014
There is currently no statutory regulation of reservoir safety in Northern Ireland and estimates suggest that 66,000 people would be impacted if a total failure of the country's 156 reservoirs were to occur. David Porter gives more information about primary legislation which has been developed to ensure that the risk of reservoir failure is being properly managed.

Hydro's role in tunnel development
08 October, 2014
For 40 years the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) has observed the tunnelling industry and, since the turn of the 21st century, has witnessed noticeable worldwide growth. Søren Degn Eskesen and Olivier Vion from the ITA explain how hydropower projects and flood protection have played a role in this development.

Sediment removal in South America
08 October, 2014
Sediment removal is an important aspect of many South American hydropower and dam projects. Tom Jacobsen, Technical Director of Sedicon in Norway, and Gustavo Adolfo Luzuriaga from Coca Codo Sinclair hydropower project in Equador, give details about work carried out in this region.

Internal affairs
08 October, 2014
ICOLD’s Annual Meeting was recently held in Bali, Indonesia in June 2014. The event was well attended with over 1500 delegates. The lively meeting had many technical committees; up to six concurrent sessions took place at the symposium, and several innovative Knowledge Transfer Workshops helped colleagues share information from newly completed ICOLD guidance Bulletins. Technical tours included visiting the Titab Dam which is currently under construction as well as other dams on the Indonesian islands. A summary of the meeting, including details on the new ICOLD Bulletin on internal erosion, is given below.

Large dams vs large otters
08 October, 2014
Researchers have been studying the effects of dam construction on the giant otter population at the Balbina hydroelectric lake in Central Brazilian Amazonia. Report by Ana Filipa Palmeirim, Carlos A. Peres and Fernando C. W. Rosas

Micro hydro in Afghanistan
16 September, 2014
A flagship national programme of the Government of Afghanistan is helping to facilitate the development of micro hydropower projects and empower local people.

Spins and turns in the turbine and generator market
15 August, 2014
Prospects look healthy for the hydro turbine and generator sector. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Tall order: spotlight on CFRDs
15 August, 2014
IWP&DC spotlights the 10 tallest concrete faced rockfill dams completed in the world, and takes a look at the largest under construction and at pre-feasibility stage

Hydro institute set to promote Pakistani development
15 August, 2014
Pakistani hydropower is largely underdeveloped. Only 6500MW of installed capacity is currently in operation out of 54,000MW of potential. A lack of up-to-date technical competence and the retirement of experienced engineers have been identified as potential barriers to further development. The establishment of the national Hydropower Training Institute has been described as being paramount to promote the construction of hydro power projects. Rizwan Ahmad Khan from the Water and Power Development Authority gives more details.

Thinking inside the box: marine propulsion technology
15 August, 2014
Amjet Turbine Systems has utilised marine propulsion technology to create a new turbine/generator unit for low head hydroelectric sites.

How will hydro fare if Scotland votes yes?
01 August, 2014
On 18 September 2014 the people of Scotland are taking part in an historic vote: a vote that will have implications for the whole of the UK. The question they will answer is whether Scotland will stay in the UK - or leave and become an independent state. Suzanne Pritchard seeks representatives from both sides of the border to see how the hydro power industry may fare after the votes have been counted.

Funds for flows: financing hydropower
29 July, 2014
Finance support is increasing for a wide range of hydro developments and research. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Making a connection: interaction between large dams
29 July, 2014
After studying the Upper Missouri River, researchers from the US Geological Survey say that more research is required into the interaction between dams on large rivers.

An open data effort: facilitating R&D
28 July, 2014
An easy-to-use, secure, online environment for sharing data looks set to facilitate and expedite R&D efforts by the US Department of Energy and its national laboratories. This data sharing initiative will have an impact on the advancement of marine and hydrokinetic technologies; striving for greater collaboration and knowledge sharing among domestic and international industry members, developers and researchers.

Pumped storage: underground challenges
02 July, 2014
As Europe’s push for wind and solar drives pumped storage, part of the design and maintenance challenge for hydro lies underground. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Sound effects: the impact of marine renewables
27 June, 2014
A European study is investigating the environmental impacts of noise, vibrations and electromagnetic emissions from marine renewables. Frank Thomsen from the DHI Group gives an insight into the new initiative.

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