ABB is the world-leading supplier of state-of-the-art UNITROL® static excitation systems (SES) and automatic voltage regulators (AVR), as well as SYNCHROTACT® synchronization products and systems. We offer reliable and well-proven solutions for all kinds and sizes of power plants and for all industries and marine segment.
Our product portfolio exists of UNITROL 1000 series – AVR for synchronous generators and motors with exciters. UNITROL 6000 series – latest generation of automatic voltage generators (AVR) and static excitation systems (SES). MEGATROL – a smart and compact solution for gas turbine start-up and generator excitation in a combined solution. SYNCHROTACT – synchronizing equipment and systems for synchronous machines and networks with diverse dual channel system.
With UNITROL and MEGATROL and our expertise, we meet the global grid code requirements. Our products are characterized by their robust design, which has proven itself in many power plant. The user-friendly software of our products allows simple and fast commissioning.

ABB's worldwide presence is built on strong local competence. Our local execution centers (LECs) for excitation systems and synchronization equipment are based all over the world. Our product responsible unit is located in Switzerland. LECs are our expertise centers close to the customer. We ensure that our customers in all segments receive fast and accurate service. You can find ABB’s excitation competency centers in several countries all around the world.