Since 1950, Douce-Hydro has designed and manufactured hydraulic cylinders and systems for all kind of industries, from the standard to the most technological or heavy duty cylinder.

Since 1990, the company has been a family owned business, operated by its dynamic CEO Mr. Jean-Marc Vandenbulke, which perennity is ensured into the future with the accesssion of his son Mr. Franck Vandenbulke at the head of the US Headquarters in 2000, and since 2009, also as the Executive Vice-President.

Within the scope of its significant international expansion, the companies Douce-Hydro Inc. and Douce-Hydro GmbH have been created respectfully in the USA in 1996 and in Germany in 2007.

In July 2008, Douce-Hydro acquired Jarret Structures brand, trademark and patents for viscous fluid dampers for the seismic and civil engineering industries, extending its range of products.

In August 2009, to answer a continuous growing international demand, increase significantly production capabilities, and reduce response time, Douce-Hydro started the construction of two new manufacturing buildings which has been operational since May 2010.
Douce-Hydro owns some of the largest equipment available in the world for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and piston accumulators.

Construction of new assembly area of 3 520 sqm / 37 890 sqft achieved in March 2010. 5 new overhead travelling cranes of 20 tons capacity each + 2 new overhead travelling cranes of 40 tons capacity each.


As the world leader in design and manufacturing of custom hydraulic cylinders and systems, Douce-Hydro helps its customers meet the challenge with leading edge solutions
Hydraulic cylinders, servomotors, power units, control panels and systems: Douce-Hydro brings customized high technological engineering solutions for our clients’ wide range of applications in the dam industry, such as radial gates, intake gates, vertical lift roller gates, fish belly gates, water adduction gates, sluice gates and servomotors for turbines.
Mobile bridges, tensioner cylinders, and cable stay cylinders: Douce-Hydro also brings solutions for civil engineering solutions such as mobile bridges, tensioner cylinders, waterways, gangways and ramps, draw bridge controls and links pans.