JÄGER BAU's major business sectors includes project development, commercial and residential construction, civil engineering and underground works.

JÄGER underground works is active all over the world. This sector includes mechanical and conventional tunnelling as well as shaft and cavern construction. In addition to the well established conventional drill and blast method, JÄGER BAU's special focus is on tunnelling utilizing tunnel boring machines.
In addition to the realization of large-scale mechanical and conventional tunnelling projects, JÄGER proves its competitiveness and flexibility with the professional execution of small and special projects. Whether it is the construction of ski tunnels, the renovation of existing tunnel facilities or the heading of tunnels with smallest cross sections, JÄGER has the special equipment and technical expertise to provide the right solution.

Founded in 1922 by engineer Karl Jäger with the main focus on the construction of hydroelectric power stations in Austria the company became in the 1980s under the management of Karl-Ludwig Jäger – an industrial enterprise known and respected in many countries.

In 1990 Karl-Ludwig Jäger's sons, Manfred and Guntram Jäger joined the firm as members of the company management.

Today the JÄGER GROUP is lead by Guntram Jäger assisted by Nikolaus Gassner.