RAZEL-BEC, the leader for major projects

RAZEL-BEC has acquired vast experience in numerous areas of civil works, including tunnelling, dams, infrastructure equipment, industrial civil engineering, earthworks, waterworks and environmental projects. It can handle complex operations and provide turnkey solutions. As part of the Fayat Group, RAZEL-BEC generates a turnover of over € 795 million and boasts a staff of 6,000. It capitalises on synergies with other branches in the Fayat Group to offer clients comprehensive solutions to even the most ambitious projects.

Fayat is the fourth-largest French constru

ction group. It operates all over the world, drawing on its 19,500-strong workforce in over 120 countries. The Group offers innovative technical solutions in fields as varied as steelworks, energy networks, construction, road building equipment, material handling and hoisting equipment, pressure vessels, civil works and special foundations. In 2014, the Fayat Group posted a consolidated turnover of € 3.5 billion.

RAZEL-BEC and FAYAT: big players in the PPP market

By taking a joint, integrated approach to public-private partnerships, RAZEL-BEC and FAYAT provide the public sector with innovatory comprehensive solutions that cater to its changing needs. The Group has proven its ability to manage complex, long-term projects in France and abroad on several occasions. These include the A 150 motorway concession, which RAZEL-BEC helped negotiate and complete, and the partnership contract for the construction of the new Bordeaux stadium, in which the FAYAT GROUP and its subsidiaries played a part.

RAZEL-BEC, where several business lines meet

With its extensive expertise and impressive list of past projects, RAZEL-BEC can intervene in all areas pertaining to public projects, including:

  • Underground works, tunnels, traditional and tunnel galleries;
  • Industrial civil engineering, basins, water treatment plants, waste treatment plants, parking lots, nuclear and renewable-energy projects;
  • Engineering structures, bridges and viaducts;
  • Linear infrastructure, earthworks, roads, airport runways, farming installations, business facilities, fresh water supply;
  • Dams, sea and river projects;
  • Environmental and qualitative business lines, civil engineering.

Engineering services

From the initial design phase through to project completion, RAZEL-BEC's integrated team of highly qualified engineers satisfy even the strictest requirements of demanding clients while coming up with innovating solutions.


Since RAZEL-BEC was founded more than 130 years ago; it has developed outstanding technical know-how and made innovation one of its top priorities. The company has already filed several patents, and there are plans for more to come.

Sustainable development

RAZEL-BEC strives to constantly implement the principles of sustainable development, as stated in the Charter of the European Construction Industry Federation. This involves promoting the highest level of service, integrating completed projects into the environment, working responsibly and sustainably in total synergy with clients, and investing in professional training to prepare all employees for changes to their lines of work.

Health and safety

RAZEL-BEC is deeply committed to health and safety. Wherever we operate around the world, one of our highest priorities is to promote and create a safe workplace with an injury-prevention policy.

Values of RAZEL-BEC


Ambition lies at the heart of improvement and innovation. Audacity, courage and realism enable us to face every challenge.

Trust and loyalty

Trust is what allows us to develop our team spirit and solidarity. Loyalty, an ethical approach and respect for diversity enable us to enjoy long-lasting relationships with all people involved in our projects.


Our expertise, know-how, continuous technical improvement, ongoing education and internal promotion form the foundations of our professionalism, which is indispensable for achieving our goals and fulfilling our commitments.

Result-driven culture

Our ethics and culture revolve around achieving results for the satisfaction of our teams, our customers and our partners At the heart of this lies our commitment to absolute safety at work, our ability to respect costs and deadlines while providing high-quality results, and our efforts to ensure the sustainability and profitability of our company.