Under the Himachal CPD, the ADB is considering a US$800M loan sought for the facility concept as well as a total of US$510M for four tranches of the scheme.

The four run-of river projects included in the facility concept element of the plans for the state of Himachal Pradesh are: Songtong-Karcham (402MW); Kashang (243MW); Sawra Kuddu (111MW); and, Sanj (100MW).

The projects are located in the north west of the Indian state. They are being considered under the Himachal CPD to support the economic development of the state through expanded power supplies in the hydro-rich region. Carbon credit sales are also to be a featured aspect of the cost-benefit of the projects under the facility.

ADB appraised the project from late March to early last month. Fact-finding studies were undertaken in November 2007.

Approvals for the four tranches of the project, which are as yet unspecified, are to be sought in August for Tranche 1 and the others over 2009-2012.