A salmon recovery plan for southwest Washington’s Cowlitz river project in the US is the key to an agreement by Tacoma Power, federal and state agencies, tribes and conservation groups for a federal licence to operate the Cowlitz river hydro facility.

The agreement is the result of more than five years of study and negotiation, and also describes recreational, cultural, wildlife and water quality programmes that Tacoma Power will provide as part of the new 40-year licence.

The package will cost Tacoma Power about US$60M in new capital projects over the life of the new licence.


Goldsborough Creek dam in the northwest US will be removed in the summer of 2001, as it has now outlived its purpose. It will be one of the first dam removals in the region to help salmon runs and will open the entire length of the creek to spawning salmon for the first time in 115 years.

The Goldsborough dam does not provide any flood control and when the dam’s penstocks were damaged during a flood in 1965 they were not repaired. The US Army Corps of Engin-eers has already asked for bids for removal of the dam.