THE US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS (USACE) has awarded a contract to repair seepage problems at the Waterbury dam in Waterbury, Vermont. The three-year, US$10.4M contract was awarded to Raito of California, US.

Repairs will start in July 2002 and be completed in the fall of 2004. The restoration of the Reservoir to a normal recreational pool, 179.8 asl, is scheduled for spring 2005.

Structural flaws that lead to seepage problems had affected the 57m high Waterbury dam, for several years. Several attempts to repair the problems have been made at the dam, however, continuing problems have resulted in a major repair recommendation under USACE’s Dam Safety Assurance Programme.

The Waterbury dam and reservoir project provides flood protection for the Little river and Winooski river basins during major rainfall events. Other project purposes include hydroelectric power generation and recreation. The Civilian Conservation Corps constructed the Waterbury dam between April 1935 and October 1938 with assistance from USACE. The State of Vermont, the non-federal sponsor, operates and maintains the dam, reservoir, and associated lands.