If you would like to update your turbine, generator and governor contract awards or include new contracts for the Yearbook 2005, please follow the instructions below.

• For 2005 we will be listing contracts dating back to January 2001.

• Please check carefully to make sure you have followed the layout for the tables as published in the Yearbook. You need to provide information as directed under all of the different columns in each table.

• Wherever possible ensure you have provided the name of, and contact details, for the project owner/customer.

• It is also helpful to indicate whether the equipment supplied is for a new project or for the refurbishment of an existing project.

• Please ensure you have clearly marked your company name and contact details on any submitted contract information.

• If company mergers have taken place and company names have changed, please indicate clearly under which company name all contracts should be listed.

We always welcome new contract awards for generators, turbines and governors. Once we have published your contracts we will contact you each year to give you the chance to update these.

To help make submitting contract information for either new or existing contracts slightly easier, we can send you the existing data or a table template as an Excel file.

If you would like more details about the contract awards or how to update or add new information, please contact Tracey Honney, Assistant Editor, IWP&DC Yearbook, Wilmington House, Maidstone Road, Foots Cray, Sidcup, Kent DA14 5HZ, UK. Tel: +44 208 269 7767, fax: +44 208 269 7804, email: thonney@wilmington.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can enter your contract details on the forms below.