PUBLIC POWER GENERATION company Enguirihesi has awarded the US$23.4M order for the modernisation of the largest hydro power station in Georgia, Enguri, to voith-siemens Hydro Kraftwerkstechnik, of Heidenheim, Germany. The contract was signed at the end of November 2002.

Modernisation works for three of five units, with an output of 306 MVA each, include design, supervision, and commissioning of mechanical and electrical components, such as new water-cooled generator stator windings, new stator core, new re-isolation, new cooler and new digital and hydraulic governors as well as inlet valve control systems. Systems for mean voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear, battery, compressed air and draining systems are also to be rehabilitated.

The contract includes ‘training on the job’ for the plant employees for optimised operation and control of the units.

The underground hydroelectric power plant, with the world’s largest arch concrete dam, located in West Georgia, is spring-fed by the glaciers of southern Kaukasus through the Enguri river. The five units are generating 4.5M kWh annually for Georgia.

This modernisation, after re-commissioning in the course of the next four years, will result into an essential contribution to the stability of the electricity supply for industries and households in Georgia.