Three workers have been killed in an accident at the site of the Moglice hydropower plant in the Devoll valley, southern Albania, Statkraft has confirmed.

The workers – two Albanians, and an Italian – were hit by a rock while securing the slopes along the public road leading to the hydropower project area on 29 April.

The three deceased were working for a rock face scaling company, performing safety work on assignment from one of Statkraft’s road works contractors. The work was initiated to improve the safety of the public road as part of the preparation for the construction of the Moglice hydropower plant. The road was closed for all public traffic at the time of the accident.

"Statkraft is deeply affected by this fatal accident in Albania, and our thoughts are with the relatives," said EVP International Hydropower, Øistein Andresen.

The company said it has started an internal investigation, in cooperation with local police and authorities.

Photo: View From Moglice area in Devoll valley, Albania. Courtesy Statkraft.