A field trial, which is the first of its kind, is now underway at Germany’s second largest power plant to find the most effective combination of materials to use to increase its capacity and upgrade it, reports hydraulic asphalt engineering experts at WALO.

Vattenfall Generation, owner of Markersbach Pumped Storage Power Plant in Markersbach, Germany, is planning to raise the height and regenerate the upper and lower reservoirs of the plant in 2015-16. This major project to regenerate Markersbach, one of the largest hydro power plants in Europe, may require different technical solutions to ensure optimum and long lasting performance. Four field trials have been set up, covering an area of 3600m2, to test different systems for lining the steep sides of the upper reservoir and re-shaping the dam crest. The results are being monitored over a four year period.

WALO has provided technical expertise in the placing of drainage asphalt and the Dense Asphaltic Concrete (DAC) used in each of the four field trials.