Romanian power producer Hidroelectrica has confirmed that at approximately 20:30 local time on 1 February 2024 a fire erupted at the Portile de Fier Hydropower Plant, specifically at the transformer linked to hydro unit number 5. Swift response from fire brigades ensured the timely containment of the blaze, with no reported casualties, the company said.

As a precautionary measure, emergency vehicles remained stationed in the vicinity until all potential risks were completely eradicated. Units adjacent to the affected hydro unit, namely HU4 and HU6, were temporarily halted to facilitate firefighting efforts. 

A comprehensive damage assessment is being carried out by Hidroelectrica, followed by the implementation of necessary measures for repairs and the restoration of normal operations. Hidroelectrica said that employee and community safety are top priorities and every effort will be made to minimize the impact of this incident on the production side.

The national energy system was unaffected by the incident.