Floods in the northeastern part of India and Bangladesh, suffered this September, have revived discussion of the need to control the Brahmaputra river and its 38 tributaries.

Among the flood control projects mooted in the past have been the Tipaimukh dam on the Barak river. This project was conceived in the early 1990s; it envisages a 162.8m high rockfill dam, with an associated power station of 1500MW capacity. The dam would also offer flood control for 143,000ha of land. The project is planned for construction in two phases, in which phase 1 will offer the flood control functions and phase 2 will be the power generation component.

Other dams on the drawing board include one at Yingkiong on the river Siang, one at Kaying on the river Siyon, and one upstream of Passighat.